Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Doesn't matter I am now 18 or I will be 81 my love for animated movies will never going to end. The  best part of animated movies's animation that the makers make the effects so real and awesome that I and most of the people start believing in their created world even when we all know that it doesn't exist.

Lets appreciate this art ♥

Movie like RATATOUILLE make us all actually believe that any one can cook. Seeing a mice cooking in this movie was a total unpredictable thing I have ever seen in my life. And I love this movie, the way it represents cooking and love for cooking is marvelous for all age groups.

UP!! this movie is so close to my heart ♥. Because the main character Carl Fredricksen partially resemble to the appearance of my grandfather and my grandfather is no longer with me now. So, I feel like seeing and watching him in this movie. 
This movie is so special because it shows true love between two partners and the courage to do great things even if they are seems to be impossible. Impossible as in when I was 6 or 5 I had this idea on my mind to use 1000 of balloons and fly my house or place wheels on the corners So, that it can fly in the sky or moves like a car and I can go where I want to but at the age 8 or I guess 9 I discover that it is impossible kinda. But after watching this movie I kinda start believing in my idea once again ( kidding)
Last but not the least...FROZEN!! We all frozen I mean like who doesn't love frozen?? Doesn't matter you are boy or a girl you definitely love frozen. We love the song!, we love the bonding between two sisters and we love Olaf!!

The best part of animated movies are- that they are beautiful and magical. We don't have to worry or use our brain too much  to understand. For example we all are very much familiar with the minions language, the world of monsters, the emotions which live inside us.
They are simply awesome, we all must take out time to watch all these especially when we sad or depressed or stressed.
That's all for today hope you all enjoyed reading this, if you like my blog then please do comment and +1.
Take care and stay happy this summer and watch animated movies. :) 
Love and Peace ♥.

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