Monday, 11 April 2016



Having long and beautiful hair is every girl's dream. We all admire and want to have rapunzel kind hair but people like me at some point give up and chop our hair :(

My hair story

Since my childhood I always wanted long hairs but my mother always keep them short and I don't know why. I always had achieved medium shoulder length at most because i always end up with damage, dull and split ends resulting in 3 or 4 inch cut off every time I visit to my hair dresser and I was having hair fall So, I always end up keeping them short against my desire :(.
But in 2015 the exact day is 25 of January I decided that today I am going to say bye bye to my dull and damaged hair and start a journey on growing my hair long. I went to my hair dresser and cut off my hair straight one inch above my shoulder.
 I tried hair masks and other things to grow my hair longer and faster as I mentioned in my blog HOW TO GROW LONG HAIR FASTER but only for 2 months, the results were great but my studies and classes kept me busy all time. So, I was not able to continue for longer.

My mom recommended me Parachute Hair Oil

My mom knew that I want long hairs desperately but I don't have the time to give to my hair for proper care. She bought me the bottle of Parachute Deep Conditioning Hot Oil. I started using this oil in the end of October and before using that my hair was dull and frizzy but today I have noticed that my hairs are shinier, soft and secure from split ends.
This Oil is totally awesome I only use this on my hair 3 times a week at night and I have observed massive hair growth and my hairs are grown 3 times faster then it usually does.

That's it if you want to grow long and beautiful hair then use this product or if you are using any other hair oil then please do share in the comment section.

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