Friday, 15 April 2016


Food give me happiness!!!! Is there something wrong with me??

I can totally dream about food all day, I can even talk to my food.

Hi peeps this is me confessing my  love towards FOOD. If you are foody too then keep on reading!! :)


I don't when and where this happen but the day I started eating Kebabs I'm obsessed with them. A wide smile suddenly comes on my face whenever I order or see a parcel in my dad's hand containing lots n lots of Kebabs ♥. ( I am a hardcore non vegetarian )


Me and Pizza ♥ we are like made for each other ♥. I like veg pizza more then the non-veg toppings pizzas.No, actually I like both but may be there is a 60:40 ratio may be.I don't know I love pizza. 


I love all cuisines but I love my original cuisine equally, whether it is south Indian / punjabi/ gujrati / rajasthani. The best thing about Indian cuisines is you have 100 of varieties for every course, even after the desert we people got paan which doesn't comes under desert or snack then what it is?? I don't know I love paan.


Some people are health conscious even am kinda health conscious at some point but am not one of the the starve and look gorgeous group people. I love food and some people love food more than me. We should not compel someone to not to eat or eat what you want them to eat. Come on guyz we all live once and we have all the rights to live our life in our conditions and do things that make us happy. So, eat/wear/do what you want to. Live your life to the fullest. Do things that actually makes you happy.

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Love and Peeps.



Try or add white in your summer wardrobe to stay cool and look stylish at the same time. As white is the color which suits to every skin tone and looks refreshing in days as well as in night time.


There are different ways you can add whites in your outfit.

1. Don't overdo it.

Don't dress or completely go white. It may sometimes look good and sometimes eww. To highlight your white you have to dress a little different.

2. If you are wearing a white dress.

Then wear some accessories to spice up your look.

• You can wear oxidized accessories.
• Neon color accessories.
If you are wearing oxidized or neon color accessories then wear and carry nude or minimalist footwear and handbag. Avoid glittery or statement sandals and handbag.

If you are not in a mood to wear accessories

Them simply wear a statement funky footwear.

or you can carry a statement handbag

2.Wearing a white top.

You can pair up your white top with almost everything. You can wear with blue/black/silver jeans or jeggings or skirts. You will always gonna look elegant and pretty. My favorite all time combination is light blue jean with a basic white top.

3. If you are not wearing a white outfit

You can simply add white sneakers or white scarf or white headband to your outfit to look summer cool and cute.

That's it for today hope you all like it and if you guyz have WHITE IDEAS them please comment down below in the comment section or email me. I would love to see your white outfits. Thanks for reading please +1 if you like :). Thank you for reading and stay happy ♥.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Doesn't matter I am now 18 or I will be 81 my love for animated movies will never going to end. The  best part of animated movies's animation that the makers make the effects so real and awesome that I and most of the people start believing in their created world even when we all know that it doesn't exist.

Lets appreciate this art ♥

Movie like RATATOUILLE make us all actually believe that any one can cook. Seeing a mice cooking in this movie was a total unpredictable thing I have ever seen in my life. And I love this movie, the way it represents cooking and love for cooking is marvelous for all age groups.

UP!! this movie is so close to my heart ♥. Because the main character Carl Fredricksen partially resemble to the appearance of my grandfather and my grandfather is no longer with me now. So, I feel like seeing and watching him in this movie. 
This movie is so special because it shows true love between two partners and the courage to do great things even if they are seems to be impossible. Impossible as in when I was 6 or 5 I had this idea on my mind to use 1000 of balloons and fly my house or place wheels on the corners So, that it can fly in the sky or moves like a car and I can go where I want to but at the age 8 or I guess 9 I discover that it is impossible kinda. But after watching this movie I kinda start believing in my idea once again ( kidding)
Last but not the least...FROZEN!! We all frozen I mean like who doesn't love frozen?? Doesn't matter you are boy or a girl you definitely love frozen. We love the song!, we love the bonding between two sisters and we love Olaf!!

The best part of animated movies are- that they are beautiful and magical. We don't have to worry or use our brain too much  to understand. For example we all are very much familiar with the minions language, the world of monsters, the emotions which live inside us.
They are simply awesome, we all must take out time to watch all these especially when we sad or depressed or stressed.
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Take care and stay happy this summer and watch animated movies. :) 
Love and Peace ♥.

Monday, 11 April 2016



Having long and beautiful hair is every girl's dream. We all admire and want to have rapunzel kind hair but people like me at some point give up and chop our hair :(

My hair story

Since my childhood I always wanted long hairs but my mother always keep them short and I don't know why. I always had achieved medium shoulder length at most because i always end up with damage, dull and split ends resulting in 3 or 4 inch cut off every time I visit to my hair dresser and I was having hair fall So, I always end up keeping them short against my desire :(.
But in 2015 the exact day is 25 of January I decided that today I am going to say bye bye to my dull and damaged hair and start a journey on growing my hair long. I went to my hair dresser and cut off my hair straight one inch above my shoulder.
 I tried hair masks and other things to grow my hair longer and faster as I mentioned in my blog HOW TO GROW LONG HAIR FASTER but only for 2 months, the results were great but my studies and classes kept me busy all time. So, I was not able to continue for longer.

My mom recommended me Parachute Hair Oil

My mom knew that I want long hairs desperately but I don't have the time to give to my hair for proper care. She bought me the bottle of Parachute Deep Conditioning Hot Oil. I started using this oil in the end of October and before using that my hair was dull and frizzy but today I have noticed that my hairs are shinier, soft and secure from split ends.
This Oil is totally awesome I only use this on my hair 3 times a week at night and I have observed massive hair growth and my hairs are grown 3 times faster then it usually does.

That's it if you want to grow long and beautiful hair then use this product or if you are using any other hair oil then please do share in the comment section.

Sunday, 10 April 2016



Hi peeps!! First of all- Thank you Pantene for sending me PANTENE prov v Hair Fall Control. I have been using different kind of shampoos in order to find the best one to suit my hair. As I have been having hair fall and dull hair.


In Past I was using Dove Oxygen Moisture which really makes my hair voluminous and straight. I totally loved this product in the winters but something was missing like the softness. As I have frizzy and thick hair, the wow factor was missing but I still love this shampoo and no offense to this product it works very well for almost all kind of hair type.


I received the sample unit last Saturday and was eagerly waiting to try this on. I usually oil my hair before I wash and this is an amazing tip for growing long hairs given by my friend Khushboo two years ago (you can also check her amazing blog ). After leaving oil in my hair over night ( which i kinda always do ) I washed my hair with PANTENE prov-v Hair Fall Control and afterwards I used my  Garnier Long and Strong conditioner and omg my hair feel so soft all day not at all greasy or something. It was on Sunday and it is soft till now Monday. I totally in love with this product and I am definitely going to buy this shampoo. If you have frizzy, thick, curly hairs then this is the right shampoo for you and also if you are dealing with hair fall. 
I want you guyz to try this product if you are finding the right shampoo for your hair. And share your experience with me :) .

That's all hope you all find this review productive. :) 



Hi peeps!! today I want to share my dirty experience with my skin. When I was in 8th standard I start getting skin issues like oily skin, pimples actually i got a vareity of pimples that time. Pimples on my face, on my back, on my chest. Oh God! that was totally gross. And I deal with these almost for like three years and even after three years they are not fully gone. I visited to Doctors, I took medicines for that, home remedies and I tried almost everything. Until last month I experiment things and Now I can say they are 99% gone!! like gone totally.

Lets first talk about the causes.

Hormonal Changes

Most of us know this fact and some don't. In the process of growing up our body produces chemicals. Some's body produces fast/slow/normally. But I have not seen all girls and boys having this skin issue only some have and if you are not having any skin problem then don't worry because the chances are 100%.


If you are having dandruff like I had then you'll find small pimples on your back, chest and most importantly on your forehead and may be also in your scalp.

Pollution and Dirt

If you are surrounding is not fresh then this may be or possible reason for your acne.

Unhealthy Diet

If you are consuming junk food regularly then trust me this is not at all good for your skin in any case. Minimize as much as you can the consumption of junk food. I know its hard but try for your skin.


In the starting of march I was a kind of depressed because of my exams and my acne. I started an routine and that helped me a lot.


I use this Himalya Neam Foaming Face Wash and I kinda like this product but you can use any based on which fits with your skin. Okay So, I made a habit of washing my face with face wash 3 times a day and that is 1. In the morning after I wake up. 2.In the evening and 3.Before going to the bed for sleep.
Before going to the bed our skin needs to be oil and dirt free because our skin breathes too and night time is the relaxing time for our skin. It should be clean and healthy.
I wash my face straight after I wake up in the morning because our skin produces oil while we sleep.
And in the evening because that is the time my skin needs a face wash.

Tip:- After coming home from your work or school just wash your face with normal water.


Strictly avoid make up and wash your make up brushes regularly like once a month and mainly avoid make up. Well I strictly advice you too avoid make up and different kinds of creams but if you want to then do minimal. You can use BB creams instead of mouse. I use an organic cream for my skin and I apply cream only after I wash my face in a circular manner.

I also applied lemon and water to my face.
Lemon contains citric acid which prevents acne. I mix 1 spoon of lemon juice with 1 spoon of cold water and applied on my face with a cotton ball and leave it on my face for like 20 mins and washed it out with cold water. I find this very beneficial for my skin. You guyz can try this too twice a week. Make sure you have washed your face with cold water before and let it air dry. 
Tip 2: Do not try to touch your face as much as you can because the tip of our finger is always oily ans sometimes dirty too.


After brushing my teeth and washing my face I drink a glass of cold water. This 1 glass of cold water detoxify me very well and after 10 to 15 mins I drink green tea. And I try to make myself a glass of lemonade a day usually in the evening. And I drink almost 2 glasses of water at night before i go to sleep.
Tip 3 : Drink a glass of water before you take your bath ans 1 after your bath. Scientifically this detoxify your body the most.


Well this has gone more frequently then I expected. It almost took 2 weeks to be gone completely. I used Lacto Calamein on my back and front 2 times a day. I strictly recommend this product this really works fast!!!
1. In the morning after I take my shower.
2. Before I got to bed at night for sleep.
Tip 4 : If you think you are having a bacterial kind of acne problem then I advice bath 2 times a day and add some antiseptic liquid in your water bucket.


You can read m previous blogs!!

That's it I have done all these things to avoid my acne and it worked fully for me. If all these things works for you then please share my blog ans +1.

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That's it :) Take care and have fun!.