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Hi peeps!! today I want to share my dirty experience with my skin. When I was in 8th standard I start getting skin issues like oily skin, pimples actually i got a vareity of pimples that time. Pimples on my face, on my back, on my chest. Oh God! that was totally gross. And I deal with these almost for like three years and even after three years they are not fully gone. I visited to Doctors, I took medicines for that, home remedies and I tried almost everything. Until last month I experiment things and Now I can say they are 99% gone!! like gone totally.

Lets first talk about the causes.

Hormonal Changes

Most of us know this fact and some don't. In the process of growing up our body produces chemicals. Some's body produces fast/slow/normally. But I have not seen all girls and boys having this skin issue only some have and if you are not having any skin problem then don't worry because the chances are 100%.


If you are having dandruff like I had then you'll find small pimples on your back, chest and most importantly on your forehead and may be also in your scalp.

Pollution and Dirt

If you are surrounding is not fresh then this may be or possible reason for your acne.

Unhealthy Diet

If you are consuming junk food regularly then trust me this is not at all good for your skin in any case. Minimize as much as you can the consumption of junk food. I know its hard but try for your skin.


In the starting of march I was a kind of depressed because of my exams and my acne. I started an routine and that helped me a lot.


I use this Himalya Neam Foaming Face Wash and I kinda like this product but you can use any based on which fits with your skin. Okay So, I made a habit of washing my face with face wash 3 times a day and that is 1. In the morning after I wake up. 2.In the evening and 3.Before going to the bed for sleep.
Before going to the bed our skin needs to be oil and dirt free because our skin breathes too and night time is the relaxing time for our skin. It should be clean and healthy.
I wash my face straight after I wake up in the morning because our skin produces oil while we sleep.
And in the evening because that is the time my skin needs a face wash.

Tip:- After coming home from your work or school just wash your face with normal water.


Strictly avoid make up and wash your make up brushes regularly like once a month and mainly avoid make up. Well I strictly advice you too avoid make up and different kinds of creams but if you want to then do minimal. You can use BB creams instead of mouse. I use an organic cream for my skin and I apply cream only after I wash my face in a circular manner.

I also applied lemon and water to my face.
Lemon contains citric acid which prevents acne. I mix 1 spoon of lemon juice with 1 spoon of cold water and applied on my face with a cotton ball and leave it on my face for like 20 mins and washed it out with cold water. I find this very beneficial for my skin. You guyz can try this too twice a week. Make sure you have washed your face with cold water before and let it air dry. 
Tip 2: Do not try to touch your face as much as you can because the tip of our finger is always oily ans sometimes dirty too.


After brushing my teeth and washing my face I drink a glass of cold water. This 1 glass of cold water detoxify me very well and after 10 to 15 mins I drink green tea. And I try to make myself a glass of lemonade a day usually in the evening. And I drink almost 2 glasses of water at night before i go to sleep.
Tip 3 : Drink a glass of water before you take your bath ans 1 after your bath. Scientifically this detoxify your body the most.


Well this has gone more frequently then I expected. It almost took 2 weeks to be gone completely. I used Lacto Calamein on my back and front 2 times a day. I strictly recommend this product this really works fast!!!
1. In the morning after I take my shower.
2. Before I got to bed at night for sleep.
Tip 4 : If you think you are having a bacterial kind of acne problem then I advice bath 2 times a day and add some antiseptic liquid in your water bucket.


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That's it I have done all these things to avoid my acne and it worked fully for me. If all these things works for you then please share my blog ans +1.

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