Monday, 12 September 2016

Product Review | Nirmala Franklin Design 2016 Planner

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

I love to live my life with a little care about the world but I do keep in mind about getting my wish list fulfilled. Yes guys, I am talking about how I plan my schedule.

Well, this is the time of the decade when mobile phone apps can offer a great deal on a schedule planner but what they really lacks is the fact that it's the app which is planning not me. I cannot adhere to a schedule if my battery runs down. The tech savvy world is cool but somehow, I figured it out, it's not for me.

As a child, I had a practice(courtesy my school teachers) to write down my tasks into a diary whatever has happened or would happen so that missing out on any of the important listings of my routine would not happen.
And I have received this beautiful planner by Nirmala Franklin Design and it has all the features a modern-day planner needs.
Let's see how cool is this planner.
As you can see this planner gels with all my belongings very well. It comes with a great quote on its front which is kinda inspiring to me-'Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.'
It can also be seen from the shared pics that you can keep a tab on your daily life by having a day-to-day schedule written according to the months, make important notes, manage your expenses by calculating them after jotting them down on the expenses column.
And the best part is that you have been given really adorable stickers in abundance at the end of the planner which you can use to make some quirky reminders and these are of Birthdays, Anniversary, Movie, Parlor, Payday, Day Off, Holiday, Vacation, etc. 
At the end of the planner, there is a zip-lock pouch and I am using to keep my important cards and discount coupons.
Also, with the planner comes 8 special stickers wishing Happy Birthday, Best Compliments, etc. and the four cool tags along with it to depict your state of mind.
This Nirmala Franklin Planner has become an inseparable part of me from the morning till the night and it do keep me updated about everything that needs my attention and concern. This is very handy as compared to mobile apps as you can look up any detail anytime, anywhere and most importantly, it shows exactly what you wanted to see, no altercations or auto-corrections.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

love is in the air - NEESH PERFUMES

Hello gorgeous people, I am back on my blog and today my blog post is all about PRODUCT REVIEW. As you can see fromthe Post's "title" itself, its about NEESH PERFUMES and
pretty excited about this post because I am in love with NEESH PERFUMES.

Okay so let's get started.

About the company

Neesh is known for its beautifully crafted jewelry designs and luxuriant pocket perfumes. In a market full of french perfumes, Neesh is a breath of fresh air .

They have a range of perfumes for men and women





What I Received?

Belle-D'-Oud and Oud-e-Khaas as if you guys are reading my blog sincerely then you obviosly know that one perfume is for men and another is for women.
In my package along with these two perfumes there was a catalogue, high very high quality of coffee seeds ♥ ( I seriously love those coffee seeds) and other perfumes' scents strips.

Did I like the packaging?

Yes absolutely, I love the way they send me these perfumes and I totally love the way they sent a pouch of coffee and scents of other perfume too.

Reviewing the "Products"

I totally love the perfumes. Yes, both the perfumes the men and the women one. I am a person who constantly try to stand out in the crowd by " portraying that am not trying at all ". The smell of Belle-D'-Khaas is something very different for me and am currently obsessing over it. I wear this perfume now almost every day when I go out because the smell is strong and I just need a lil bit on my neck area to smell all day awesome as the smell last very long like almost 24 hours. And honestly many people asked me wow it's different? what is it?
To tell you guys that this is really good I tried this perfume on 5 different people of different age including my self.

Me (18 years old)- I love the different smell and it just grab the attention of people around me.
My mum ( 44 years old) - (She said that)- The smell is luxury and I am going to wear this when I'm going out for dinners or functions ( basically at night outings)
My Cousins ( 4 years old) - She didn't  expressed in reviewing manner but she loved it too.
My Sister (23 years old)- She's not using any other perfume now, she liked it so much that she already ordered for herself from amazon.
My Aunt ( 35 years old) - She said that the smell is very royal and it makes her feel very confident and strong.

To test the Oud-e-Khaas, I didn't need much of a audience. I only needed my dad to try this out and his review about it. I simply just give the pocket perfume to my dad and asked him to try this out.
A little background- My dad is a fan of perfumes and deodorant.
The moment I gave him the perfume, he liked it he very much liked it because its "unbreakable". 
Now its been a month and a half and he uses  this everyday and the bottle still contain massive amount of perfume in it.
His review
I like the smell, its strong and different all we get is mostly the soft or vibrant smell in the market, It's good to have a perfume which has a Indian touch in it. ( Thank you very much Papa)


The smell is incredibly good, strong, luxury, different and royal.
The bottle is unbreakable.
The bottle is pocket friendly. Yes, you can keep this in your tiny clutch and you don't have to worry that it'll leak or break.
The smell last long.
Even though its tiny, it contains a lot of perfume


None, literally none.

Do I recommend? Yes, definitely because the minute I am gonna find out it's going to finish , I am going to order myself a new one. At the price of rupees 340 it's a worth to give a try.

If you want to buy or gift yourself a one then there is link down bellow and link to the website. 
Thank you for reading!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Fuschia Skin Care Range By- Vkare


I am a big fan of fuschia skin care range by Vkare and recently I received my very first magical box of Pure Natural Organic Bliss. And I can't wait to share my experience with you. So, keep reading If you love your skin and interested in taking care of it.

Let's get started.

1.Handmade Soaps

I am a big fan of Fuschia - handmade soaps from a very long time before I received this package. Why I like them so much is because they smell amazing, they are organic and they make my skin softer and smoother.
As I received 5 soaps in 5 different colors and in 5 different smells. So, its hard for me to decide which one is my favorite. I love them all. Most of you are thinking why a person can be fan of a handmade soap ? I tell you why-
#1 Reason- To me they kinds remove all the tan and dirt from my skin in just one wash.
#2 Reason- They just make my skin incredibly smooth and soft in just one wash.
#3 Reason- The soap is so gentle that I can use it on my face too and If you check out their other handmade soaps range then  you can see some other soaps are made of saffron and other ingredients that are seriously good for your skin and if your having skin issues or acne then do check them out.
#4 Reason- Smells is so fruity and sweet that you literally feel way more refresh then you ever been before.
Order any soap from their handmade soaps range, they made the best soaps in the world. Once you started using them you'll get addicted to them.

2. The Garden Lavender Face & Body Invigorating Scrub

The Fuschia Skin Care- The Garden Lavender Face & Body Invigorating Scrub is a mild scrubber like their other scrubbers ( yes, I have tried them too ). I like the way it feels on my skin and yes it scrubs very well too. If you have pores around your nose which produce oil a lot ( like mine) then if you use this scrub on  regular basis then you'll get rid of them very easily ( I get rid of them long ago when I started using their scrubs). I use this scrub regular at night before sleeping on my face and 2 times a week in my bath routine.What I love about this scrub? It's mild as mild scrubs is best for my skin ( sensitive type skin) and it makes my skin baby soft after using it, the smell of scrub is very very light. And the best part is - apart from a mild scrub it works better than the strong scrubbers which I have used. I have been using this scrub more than 3 weeks now and the dark skin around my elbow and knee is almost gone. So, I have to say that I definitely love this scrub and yes I recommend buying this or other scrubbers from fuschia. Once you started using their scrubs there is no looking back trust me.

The Tropical Alphonso- Lip Balm

The last product they send me was The Tropical Alphonso - Lip Balm. It has a strong fruity Alphonso ( mango) smell. Personally, I am not a very much big fan of very strong smells. So, I didn't like the lip balm very much ( only because of the smell). But it made my lips very soft, I almost felt like my lips are made of feathers.I think all their products are meant to make your skin softer. If you are fan of fruity smell beauty product then give a shot to their lip balm range.


I Like
- The soaps actually I love all their soaps
- Totally handmade
- They way soap, scrub, lip balm made my skin softer and smooth.
- Organic!

I Don't like
-The strong smell of lip balm.
- And very light smell of scrub, it should be stronger ( like their other scrubbers).

That's all they only me send these 3 products and here's my review for you all. I like there other stuff too which is their other range of handmade soaps ( which I have been trying since a while) and their beauty bath salts.
If you wanna grab your own skin care products from vkare then visit this site -

Sunday, 17 July 2016

PAPER BOAT : happiness :)

As we all know about PAPER BOAT DRINKS , and are very much familiar with the taste.The very incredibly, innovative, creatively awesome team brings us the new flavor called chill guava.


Paper boat drinks are inspired by the old  taste of middle east, literally these tastes are so so old and refreshing that our old relatives can't tell who invented these tastes. The boat paper drinks taste or flavors are inspired by the old juices or snacks which helps the people in middle east during the time of summer.
You guyz can know more about their flavor on their website


The Paper Boat drinks comes in satchel type bottle which looks very very cute and these bottle are literally way too much handy. If moms or dads are reading this then do purchase paper boat for kids because
#1 Reason- These bottles are unbreakable.
#2 Reason- They don't take too much space in your refrigerator.
#3 Reason- Healthy and tasty.
And give the new generation the taste of your childhood. And in this way you can pass the flavors to the new generation.


This is the new flavor of paper boat which is easily available everywhere now in the stores.When I taste the chilli guava it hits me so hard and took to my childhood memories. When I was in school I used to buy after school snack from a bhaiya ( The person who was selling chilli guava ), he used to stand 500 meter away from my school and sell guava in too pieces and the knife by which he used to cut the guava into 2 pieces, he dips that knife in a jar of spices before cutting the guava and then cut the guava in 2 halves. That looks so tempting to me and my friends that we can't resist buying that guava from him. The paper boat chilli guava taste is exact same. I was so happy while drinking that I can't express in words any more. I know that I share this memory with  most of you.


It cost Rupees 30 for 250.00 ml, which I say is very affordable,


Things which I like

-The Taste.
-The Packaging,
- And the price.

Things which I don't like

That's all for today thank you for reading ♥.

Monday, 13 June 2016

5 ways to overcome depression / break up / or to add freshness in life!

Hi my lovelies!!
Thank you all so much for reading my blogs ( I know some of them are boring..duh!) and sorry for posting a new blog so late. And please do tell me I made some changes in my blog design am trying to put up a black and white theme.

This is the quote which I saw in google images and its from tumblr and it does makes sense to me. If you my pretty girls feeling low or going through depression or else you just want to try out some things to add fun in your routine. Then you should keep reading.

  • Make yourself a routine but a simple one to be organised.

Be gentle, try out new things.

Go out, check out the world.
Make things organised.
Shop for yourself.
Redecor your room ♥

  • Start with a workout.

Do small - small things if you are not habitual. Take a walk everyday in the morning or do you yoga or anything you like.
Be positive feel positive.
And the best part is you will be fit and fitness is very important.

  • Restyle ♥
Restyle yourself , restyle your room. Am thousand percent sure that you will feel much much more positive and great new energy.

  • Start watching a new or old tv show series.

As I say try new things and you will feel awesome. If you are bored from the same kind of shows then try something different. These are my favorite shows list and I highly recommend The Heirs to all the girls who are reading this. I know its old but its a romantic kinda show and its different.

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Game Of Thrones
  3. The Heirs
  4. Boys over flower 
  5. How I met your mother
  6. Gossip Girls
  7. Sex and the city
  8. 2 Broke Girls
  9. Younger
  10. Seed

  • Explore New Places with your friends every weekend
If you are fond of taking pictures then go and explore new things. Stop keeping yourself in your comfy shell. Go out make new friends and post your picture or start writings blogs about the new places you visit.

That's it for today! hope you enjoy reading it. I don't wanna say or type anymore. #StayPositive.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016




Stop buying drinks to keep yourself cool...create your own.


1. Lemon
2. 1 Table spoon sugar
3. 1 glass water
4. pinch of white salt
5. two pinches of black salt
6.2 leaves of mint for presentation.

use a mixer grinder to make lemonade, the taste will surely be awesome and sometimes for fun do not use the mixer grinder and add soda instead of water.

2.Rooh afza

Very simple drink to make and easy too.
1. Rooh afza according to your taste ( I add 2 tablespoons)
2 Soda
3. A slice of lemon for presentation and you are ready to go.

3. Vanilla and Cola

My all time favorite
1. Two scoops of vanilla
2. Add a pepsi or coke in glass until its full.
3. And enjoy ....♥

These are the three simple and easy drinks that you can make in no time. I would love to know if you guyz have more ideas.
That's ir for the cool drinks.



Being a regular Delhi girl, I am facing extreme summer. The weather is too hot outside that I barely think of myself going out in the day time. Last time in the day time I went out was on Mother's day because I wanted to gift my mother something special and there is a sale going on at HM...So, there was a desperate need for me to go out.  I spent 1 hour in the tube and only 30 mins on the roads and rest of time I was in the mall and same as I went back to my place. Technically I spend 1 hour in the sun and the moment I reached my home I was hell tired, my skin was literally burning and my head was feeling like carrying a ton of weight. But for HM it was kinda worth I picked out three very nice pieces for my mother.


Yesterday, I was instagramming and thinking the ways to protect our self from the harsh rays of sun. And I think I come out pretty good ways of protecting myself from the direct sun.

1. A Sipper

Next time surely I am gonna carry my sipper with myself filled with tang in orange flavor. Water is good but having a flavorful drink keeps the energy level up. So, I recommend at least a 750 ml sipper for one person don't you think about sharing with anyone!! carry your own.

2. Sunglasses

Always carry your shades and never mind keeping a extra pair in your handbag. Your eyes are sensitive too and trust me they do not like the direct sun contact.

3. Scarf

Always wear a scarf in the day time, the plus parts are:- you look feminine,attractive, stylish and you are protecting yourself from skin damaging rays. And wear the scarf the way you want to and there are some cool ways to you can youtube them too.

4. Sunscreen lotion

Always keep a tiny sunscreen lotion in your bag. I personally use Lakme Sun Expert and I always buy a regular bottle and a tiny small version of the sunscreen lotion to keep in my bag. But you can buy from any brand to keep your skin protected and always keep a small one in your handbag.

That's it for how to beat the heat. If you have any other essential ideas to beat the heat then please do mail me your ideas I would love to add them.