Monday, 18 July 2016

Fuschia Skin Care Range By- Vkare


I am a big fan of fuschia skin care range by Vkare and recently I received my very first magical box of Pure Natural Organic Bliss. And I can't wait to share my experience with you. So, keep reading If you love your skin and interested in taking care of it.

Let's get started.

1.Handmade Soaps

I am a big fan of Fuschia - handmade soaps from a very long time before I received this package. Why I like them so much is because they smell amazing, they are organic and they make my skin softer and smoother.
As I received 5 soaps in 5 different colors and in 5 different smells. So, its hard for me to decide which one is my favorite. I love them all. Most of you are thinking why a person can be fan of a handmade soap ? I tell you why-
#1 Reason- To me they kinds remove all the tan and dirt from my skin in just one wash.
#2 Reason- They just make my skin incredibly smooth and soft in just one wash.
#3 Reason- The soap is so gentle that I can use it on my face too and If you check out their other handmade soaps range then  you can see some other soaps are made of saffron and other ingredients that are seriously good for your skin and if your having skin issues or acne then do check them out.
#4 Reason- Smells is so fruity and sweet that you literally feel way more refresh then you ever been before.
Order any soap from their handmade soaps range, they made the best soaps in the world. Once you started using them you'll get addicted to them.

2. The Garden Lavender Face & Body Invigorating Scrub

The Fuschia Skin Care- The Garden Lavender Face & Body Invigorating Scrub is a mild scrubber like their other scrubbers ( yes, I have tried them too ). I like the way it feels on my skin and yes it scrubs very well too. If you have pores around your nose which produce oil a lot ( like mine) then if you use this scrub on  regular basis then you'll get rid of them very easily ( I get rid of them long ago when I started using their scrubs). I use this scrub regular at night before sleeping on my face and 2 times a week in my bath routine.What I love about this scrub? It's mild as mild scrubs is best for my skin ( sensitive type skin) and it makes my skin baby soft after using it, the smell of scrub is very very light. And the best part is - apart from a mild scrub it works better than the strong scrubbers which I have used. I have been using this scrub more than 3 weeks now and the dark skin around my elbow and knee is almost gone. So, I have to say that I definitely love this scrub and yes I recommend buying this or other scrubbers from fuschia. Once you started using their scrubs there is no looking back trust me.

The Tropical Alphonso- Lip Balm

The last product they send me was The Tropical Alphonso - Lip Balm. It has a strong fruity Alphonso ( mango) smell. Personally, I am not a very much big fan of very strong smells. So, I didn't like the lip balm very much ( only because of the smell). But it made my lips very soft, I almost felt like my lips are made of feathers.I think all their products are meant to make your skin softer. If you are fan of fruity smell beauty product then give a shot to their lip balm range.


I Like
- The soaps actually I love all their soaps
- Totally handmade
- They way soap, scrub, lip balm made my skin softer and smooth.
- Organic!

I Don't like
-The strong smell of lip balm.
- And very light smell of scrub, it should be stronger ( like their other scrubbers).

That's all they only me send these 3 products and here's my review for you all. I like there other stuff too which is their other range of handmade soaps ( which I have been trying since a while) and their beauty bath salts.
If you wanna grab your own skin care products from vkare then visit this site -

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