Tuesday, 10 May 2016




Stop buying drinks to keep yourself cool...create your own.


1. Lemon
2. 1 Table spoon sugar
3. 1 glass water
4. pinch of white salt
5. two pinches of black salt
6.2 leaves of mint for presentation.

use a mixer grinder to make lemonade, the taste will surely be awesome and sometimes for fun do not use the mixer grinder and add soda instead of water.

2.Rooh afza

Very simple drink to make and easy too.
1. Rooh afza according to your taste ( I add 2 tablespoons)
2 Soda
3. A slice of lemon for presentation and you are ready to go.

3. Vanilla and Cola

My all time favorite
1. Two scoops of vanilla
2. Add a pepsi or coke in glass until its full.
3. And enjoy ....♥

These are the three simple and easy drinks that you can make in no time. I would love to know if you guyz have more ideas.
That's ir for the cool drinks.



Being a regular Delhi girl, I am facing extreme summer. The weather is too hot outside that I barely think of myself going out in the day time. Last time in the day time I went out was on Mother's day because I wanted to gift my mother something special and there is a sale going on at HM...So, there was a desperate need for me to go out.  I spent 1 hour in the tube and only 30 mins on the roads and rest of time I was in the mall and same as I went back to my place. Technically I spend 1 hour in the sun and the moment I reached my home I was hell tired, my skin was literally burning and my head was feeling like carrying a ton of weight. But for HM it was kinda worth I picked out three very nice pieces for my mother.


Yesterday, I was instagramming and thinking the ways to protect our self from the harsh rays of sun. And I think I come out pretty good ways of protecting myself from the direct sun.

1. A Sipper

Next time surely I am gonna carry my sipper with myself filled with tang in orange flavor. Water is good but having a flavorful drink keeps the energy level up. So, I recommend at least a 750 ml sipper for one person don't you think about sharing with anyone!! carry your own.

2. Sunglasses

Always carry your shades and never mind keeping a extra pair in your handbag. Your eyes are sensitive too and trust me they do not like the direct sun contact.

3. Scarf

Always wear a scarf in the day time, the plus parts are:- you look feminine,attractive, stylish and you are protecting yourself from skin damaging rays. And wear the scarf the way you want to and there are some cool ways to you can youtube them too.

4. Sunscreen lotion

Always keep a tiny sunscreen lotion in your bag. I personally use Lakme Sun Expert and I always buy a regular bottle and a tiny small version of the sunscreen lotion to keep in my bag. But you can buy from any brand to keep your skin protected and always keep a small one in your handbag.

That's it for how to beat the heat. If you have any other essential ideas to beat the heat then please do mail me your ideas I would love to add them.


The so called "LIFE"


Life is not always easy and never it seems to be easy. May be we are not focusing more to make our life easy, we are making or trying so hard to make our life to be like someone else's.
We all consider or desire people's life. But we fall most of the time..why?? 
Let's think for a moment PEOPLE WITH THE BEST LIFE ( according to us) has achieved things by doing the work they are best at and may be we are not best at doing that work. If we little more focus on the things in which we are best at may be achieve more than we think.

What's the problem?

We are so stubborn in doing things which are not meant to be done by us. I know it require time and understanding that that particular thing is not meant for us.

And why we are doing?

Because in our imaginary world the things we want to achieve in our life is only possible if we do or opt the particular work only because someone else has opted and achieve. And it doesn't matter how much we are trying, the outcome of our efforts comes futile but we have to try try try because of the society, relatives, family and also it doesn't matter we are in depression, stress and pressure. 

Having a friend as a mentor is a blessing.

Sometimes we make our shell so small that no one can enter in our cocoon and tell us the write thing because we don't want to listen. Why we don't wanna listen? because we know how hard we had tried to make things work.
A true friend at this situation is the only cure we needed. Our friends understand our problems more than we can figure out our-self. Their guidance and advice are meant to safe ourselves from the harsh self destruction that we created by our own.

Let go...

Let go things that makes you sad or unhappy, don't try to play the role of someone else's life while you are the hero of your own. Do things that actually make you feel alive and positive. Listen to your self you are surely not a puppet.

I hope by reading this you may think and start living your life on a positive note. Happiness is the only thinks that matters.