Saturday, 20 August 2016

love is in the air - NEESH PERFUMES

Hello gorgeous people, I am back on my blog and today my blog post is all about PRODUCT REVIEW. As you can see fromthe Post's "title" itself, its about NEESH PERFUMES and
pretty excited about this post because I am in love with NEESH PERFUMES.

Okay so let's get started.

About the company

Neesh is known for its beautifully crafted jewelry designs and luxuriant pocket perfumes. In a market full of french perfumes, Neesh is a breath of fresh air .

They have a range of perfumes for men and women





What I Received?

Belle-D'-Oud and Oud-e-Khaas as if you guys are reading my blog sincerely then you obviosly know that one perfume is for men and another is for women.
In my package along with these two perfumes there was a catalogue, high very high quality of coffee seeds ♥ ( I seriously love those coffee seeds) and other perfumes' scents strips.

Did I like the packaging?

Yes absolutely, I love the way they send me these perfumes and I totally love the way they sent a pouch of coffee and scents of other perfume too.

Reviewing the "Products"

I totally love the perfumes. Yes, both the perfumes the men and the women one. I am a person who constantly try to stand out in the crowd by " portraying that am not trying at all ". The smell of Belle-D'-Khaas is something very different for me and am currently obsessing over it. I wear this perfume now almost every day when I go out because the smell is strong and I just need a lil bit on my neck area to smell all day awesome as the smell last very long like almost 24 hours. And honestly many people asked me wow it's different? what is it?
To tell you guys that this is really good I tried this perfume on 5 different people of different age including my self.

Me (18 years old)- I love the different smell and it just grab the attention of people around me.
My mum ( 44 years old) - (She said that)- The smell is luxury and I am going to wear this when I'm going out for dinners or functions ( basically at night outings)
My Cousins ( 4 years old) - She didn't  expressed in reviewing manner but she loved it too.
My Sister (23 years old)- She's not using any other perfume now, she liked it so much that she already ordered for herself from amazon.
My Aunt ( 35 years old) - She said that the smell is very royal and it makes her feel very confident and strong.

To test the Oud-e-Khaas, I didn't need much of a audience. I only needed my dad to try this out and his review about it. I simply just give the pocket perfume to my dad and asked him to try this out.
A little background- My dad is a fan of perfumes and deodorant.
The moment I gave him the perfume, he liked it he very much liked it because its "unbreakable". 
Now its been a month and a half and he uses  this everyday and the bottle still contain massive amount of perfume in it.
His review
I like the smell, its strong and different all we get is mostly the soft or vibrant smell in the market, It's good to have a perfume which has a Indian touch in it. ( Thank you very much Papa)


The smell is incredibly good, strong, luxury, different and royal.
The bottle is unbreakable.
The bottle is pocket friendly. Yes, you can keep this in your tiny clutch and you don't have to worry that it'll leak or break.
The smell last long.
Even though its tiny, it contains a lot of perfume


None, literally none.

Do I recommend? Yes, definitely because the minute I am gonna find out it's going to finish , I am going to order myself a new one. At the price of rupees 340 it's a worth to give a try.

If you want to buy or gift yourself a one then there is link down bellow and link to the website. 
Thank you for reading!