Monday, 13 June 2016

5 ways to overcome depression / break up / or to add freshness in life!

Hi my lovelies!!
Thank you all so much for reading my blogs ( I know some of them are boring..duh!) and sorry for posting a new blog so late. And please do tell me I made some changes in my blog design am trying to put up a black and white theme.

This is the quote which I saw in google images and its from tumblr and it does makes sense to me. If you my pretty girls feeling low or going through depression or else you just want to try out some things to add fun in your routine. Then you should keep reading.

  • Make yourself a routine but a simple one to be organised.

Be gentle, try out new things.

Go out, check out the world.
Make things organised.
Shop for yourself.
Redecor your room ♥

  • Start with a workout.

Do small - small things if you are not habitual. Take a walk everyday in the morning or do you yoga or anything you like.
Be positive feel positive.
And the best part is you will be fit and fitness is very important.

  • Restyle ♥
Restyle yourself , restyle your room. Am thousand percent sure that you will feel much much more positive and great new energy.

  • Start watching a new or old tv show series.

As I say try new things and you will feel awesome. If you are bored from the same kind of shows then try something different. These are my favorite shows list and I highly recommend The Heirs to all the girls who are reading this. I know its old but its a romantic kinda show and its different.

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Game Of Thrones
  3. The Heirs
  4. Boys over flower 
  5. How I met your mother
  6. Gossip Girls
  7. Sex and the city
  8. 2 Broke Girls
  9. Younger
  10. Seed

  • Explore New Places with your friends every weekend
If you are fond of taking pictures then go and explore new things. Stop keeping yourself in your comfy shell. Go out make new friends and post your picture or start writings blogs about the new places you visit.

That's it for today! hope you enjoy reading it. I don't wanna say or type anymore. #StayPositive.

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  1. Nice Compilation of shows,everyone should watch each one of it once:-)😉