Sunday, 10 April 2016



Hi peeps!! First of all- Thank you Pantene for sending me PANTENE prov v Hair Fall Control. I have been using different kind of shampoos in order to find the best one to suit my hair. As I have been having hair fall and dull hair.


In Past I was using Dove Oxygen Moisture which really makes my hair voluminous and straight. I totally loved this product in the winters but something was missing like the softness. As I have frizzy and thick hair, the wow factor was missing but I still love this shampoo and no offense to this product it works very well for almost all kind of hair type.


I received the sample unit last Saturday and was eagerly waiting to try this on. I usually oil my hair before I wash and this is an amazing tip for growing long hairs given by my friend Khushboo two years ago (you can also check her amazing blog ). After leaving oil in my hair over night ( which i kinda always do ) I washed my hair with PANTENE prov-v Hair Fall Control and afterwards I used my  Garnier Long and Strong conditioner and omg my hair feel so soft all day not at all greasy or something. It was on Sunday and it is soft till now Monday. I totally in love with this product and I am definitely going to buy this shampoo. If you have frizzy, thick, curly hairs then this is the right shampoo for you and also if you are dealing with hair fall. 
I want you guyz to try this product if you are finding the right shampoo for your hair. And share your experience with me :) .

That's all hope you all find this review productive. :) 

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