Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Now This Is Crazy

Hi peeps!! my exams over last week ( yeee congratulations to me!!). And a very exciting story I heard about my uncle and aunt based in India decided to go on a road trip from DELHI to GOA (1897 Km) . I know its not a big deal for youngsters like us but it is something to talk about. They've got  two kids age around of 9 and 3 year old and they are total notorious kinda kids and they are travelling by an SUV. This idea sounds a little crazy and fascinating to me and all the travelers out there who are reading this.


Well Goa is worth place to take the courage for this road trip ( with family). 
Okay now!! Let's talk about Goa. Goa is a fun place to visit any time of the year but the most amazing time to visit is during new year because the new year parties out there are insane. Amazing DJs come across the world to groove the party. There are amazing resorts and hotels around the beach.

Another Insane Story of Road Trip

Okay now this one is special one to me and I got to know about this last night only. One of my uncle took up this beautiful journey all alone from to Delhi To Leh on bullet ( motorbike) isn't crazy and insane?? it is sounds to me!!

The distance is around 1010.3 Km which is not at all small distance for one person to cover in 1 day all alone.


Leh a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once in a life with their loved once ♥. I exactly don't know much about this place but I've heard and seen this magnificent place in the travel shows. I can not alone is not sufficient to tell about the beauty of this place, this place in calm and pure.

These two stories inspires me to the fullest to take a long road trip journey to the places I want to visit and explore. As I love to travel and experience new places, foods and cultures.


This question just occurred to me last night and I think i have got the answer.


Yes, I believe life is short. Before the tick tock stop we have to accomplish our goals because who knows KAL HO NA HO and moreover, If by the grace of god we live long!! we got to have stories of our life to tell our grand children or memories to live with.


We all have the main elements of our life called friends with whom we have enjoyed the most beautiful experiences of our life. I strongly feel that a road trip with friends is a must life goal or should be the ultimate life goal.

We all must do things in our life that we must have proud of or have lived to the fullest otherwise the constant regret will haunt the hell out of us through out our life.

That's it for today. If this blog inspires you then please do share on any social networking website or +1 on Google Plus because that's all i really need. And Thank You for reading and I would love to hear your road trip stories down below the comment section.

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