Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Grow Healthy and Long Hair Faster

We all love ♥ Long hairs ♥ but they are hard to manage and they require time and proper  management too.
And we all are like " split ends / damage hairs  - I need a haircut " If you are one of the I NEED A HAIRCUT person then this is not the right blog for you.
 If you really want to grow long hairs then this will require patience and time.

First of all , our hair don't grow in one night they need time and proper care to grow.
 Before following these steps take a picture of your hairs before and after three months to see the difference.


I personally use this hair oil (Parachute hot oil ) because this suits my scalp very well. I usually massage my hair for 2 mins after oiling and kinda obsessed with the inversion method.
Okay, important thing is massage your scalp and leave it overnight just to make sure that the oil settle down in  your roots very well.
I do not warm the oil before applying to my scalp . Oiling makes the growth of your hair faster.
If you have dry / frizzy / thin hairs then I highly recommend coconut oil.
And if you have thin and oily kinda hair then you can use olive oil or any oil of your choice once a week.

I apply oil to my hair  thrice a week , if am not applying any hair mask.


Egg mask

If your hairs are dull / frizzy / dry or curly then your are going to love this hair mask.
I'm giving you the brief of egg mask if one egg will be enough for your hairs.
 • 1 egg ( beaten)
 • 1 tablespoon honey
 • 2 tablespoon olive oil
 You've got to apply this hair mask for at least half and hour before shower.
 After effects your hair will be softer, shinier, smoother and straight and this hair mask will surely makes your hair grow very fast!!!!!!

Banana Mask

If you are a vegetarian  and you can't use the egg mask for your hairs like my many friends then this is best alternative for your hair

If you are dealing with dandruff, dull , damaged  and frizzy hair then you can apply this mask once a week.

You will be needing 
• One mashed banana.
• Honey
• Curd 
 Mix them well apply it for 20 mins before shower.
After effects
Your hairs will be more silky , dandruff free and soft . I apply this once a week or once in two weeks because i prefer the egg mask ( because i kinda want to grow my hair a lil faster) .

Amla or Gooseberry

This is the best hair mask to grow hair faster or if your having a hair-fall this will make your hairs super shinier and healthy.
You will be needing.
• Amla or gooseberry powder.
• 2 tablespoon coconut oil
• Hot water
mix hot water slowly while stiring until you've got a paste.
Apply it in your roots with a help of cotton or you can use your finger ( like i do ) and leave it for at least 1 hour.
 Your hair-fall will reduce to 90% and you will have shinier , softer and longer hair surely. I apply this once a week.


Okay make sure you will be eating a high rich protein , iron  and vitamin diet.
Hair needs protein to build . Vitamins specially A and C helps to prevent hair-fall. If you are having weak eyes then get a check up . 
I take multi-vitamins regularly for three months and then take a break for 1 month . I had  a massive hair-fall for two to three years and i chopped my hair thrice in a year to avoid hair-fall and my hairs are very prone to breakage and damage. So, multi-vitamins really helps a lot to me and it gave me result in the very first week.


This is the most important part of growing your hairs longer. DO NOT GO FOR A HAIR OR A TRIM AFTER EVERY  THREE MONTHS- AVOID IT STRICTLY.
I know your hair dresser says you need a chop after every three months but logically you grow 1 or 1 and a half cm in a month you've got 3-4 cm in 3 months and your hair dresses will chop around 2-3 cm in every 3 months and then your hairs will be at the same length as your hairs were before. So, avoid a hair-cut for 1 or 1 and a half according to the length you want to achieve.


You've got to give up styling your hairs and heat maximum because heat damages your hair badly and if you really and desperatly want to grow your hairs longer then you've got to stop using heat on your hair.

6.Protective Hair-Styles

Try loose braids , buns to style your hair and if you can then please braid your hair loosely while sleeping because it will prevent less friction and do not cause damage or breakage yo your hair.


Make sure your having a sound sleep of 8 hour sleep and a 1 hour day-time nap because our hair grow while we are sleeping. So , irregular sleeping habits will not at all help you in your hair growing process.

That's all for today.I hope you find this useful :) ♥ I do oiling , egg mask , and gooseberry mask (all three) once a week and all these are very effective . And these things really making a big difference to my hair and HONESTLY my hairs are growing faster and shinier.

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